1:1 Executive Coaching & Mentoring Programmes

Organisational Leadership.  This coaching programme will bring you to a place where you have goals that excite you. By exploring how to get the best from your personal values, your communication skills and your leadership style, the Organisational Leadership Coaching programme will help you to find new ways for your organisation to thrive and grow. The programme will suit those of you who are senior leaders seeking the added value of coaching to gain and hold a clear perspective on the strategic direction of your organisation.  You will discover how to motivate your organisation to engage in your strategic vision and they will become inspired by your mission to make a difference.  

Personal Leadership. This coaching is about you and your personal development. It is about discovering and reflecting on the transition from operational management to strategic leadership. As a leader, you will be passionate about people, their development and getting the very best from all team members. Coaching will help you explore the difference between management and leadership - not from books, but within your own every-day environment . What is your authentic leadership style? How can you recognise for yourself whether you have mastered this? The Personal Leadership Coaching programme is a solution-based approach that takes you beyond frontline management, 'doing things right' , to leadership awareness, 'doing the right thing'.

3rd Sector Leadership and School Governance. This programme of coaching is focussed on ensuring that you get the best from your involvement in the sector. You have stepped forward to give your knowledge and experience, to put something back, to make a difference. You are probably making a transition from the commercial or public sector and this coaching programme will help you to be really effective in this third unique environment. By exploring governance and values-based leadership the coaching will help you find ways that your contribution has the most useful impact within the dynamic between the Board of Trustees, the CEO and the SMT.  Now 'making a difference' can mean leading the organisation to fantastic outcomes, with confidence, clarity and understanding.

Transitional Coaching. If you are new to a post, or embarking on a new venture, the Transitional Coaching programme will help you to become clear about what you want to do, where you want to go and how you want to go about it. Crucially, so that you remain authentic throughout, the coaching programme will lead you to be able to recognise who you want to be. The coach will be there to hold you accountable to your personal mission, to help you when the plans need to adapt, and to create the space for you to reflect and learn. By focussing on this pathway that nurtures 'good' to become 'great', the coaching will keep you focussed on outcomes and the results which you set out to achieve.

12-Month Intensive Transitional Coaching. The intention of this programme is to introduce an intensive 12-month period that creates possibilities and results for people looking to really stretch themselves, and / or their mission. see next page for more........

Growth is when you do something about it