David Wilson Coaching

Executive Coaching & Mentoring
Coaching leaders who want to make a difference

I am an experienced senior leader with skills in entrepreneurial business development, fundraising, strategic organisational change, education and influencing social care policy.

Are you a leader, committed to making a difference? Are you looking for ways that your organisation can grow and thrive? Be it a business, school or charity, the 1:1 Executive Coaching programmes will help you build on your leadership strengths and bring fresh thinking to difficult challenges. It will coach you to develop those intangible qualities which distinguish true leaders: the capacity to develop and express vision, to think strategically, to inspire others and to build support within and outside your organisation.

New to governance or the charitable sector? The 3rd Sector Leadership programme is focussed on coaching you if you are new to the charitable sector. Have you just become the Chair or a Director of a charity? Perhaps you have come across from the commercial sector and are still exploring this unique governance environment.

Or are you new to a post, or embarking on a new venture? Is it the right time in your life to take stock and develop a personal vision Transitional Coaching Programme? A time of change and a time to grow, and to make the best of life's challenges and opportunities. Is this the moment for you to be who you want to be?

Growth is when you do something about it

I am offering Executive Coaching & Mentoring that leads you to:
  • A safe place to think
  • A solution based attitude
  • A chance to discover your authentic self
  • And get results and achieve goals that excite you
With Executive Coaching & Mentoring I can help you:
  • Strengthen your leadership development
  • Lead and manage change
  • Handle a new role
  • Become 'outcome' focused instead of 'problem' focused
  • Build self-confidence
  • Address conflict and behavioural problems and raise performance
  • Improve management style and build effective communication
  • Career plan
  • Address stress management and work-life balance
Plus any other work challenges that you feel that you may have

Everybody needs to set aside thinking time, yet often this is taken up with thoughts that don't help you with your planning and taking the business forward. A coaching session is a very focused and productive time for you.

A coach makes a difference.